Thursday, April 30, 2009

PM by Chance..!

By Siddu Kaloji
Being failed to build an alternative front to UPA and NDA, left parties seems to be started to play a new game of politics.

By floating the name of Prakash Karat and Sitaram Yechury for the post of Prime Minister, CPM trying to seek reactions of other regional parties, which are not part of any fronts so far. The role of left and their friend’s is very crucial in case of both Congress led UPA and BJP led NDA fall short of the majority.

History tells us that left always preferred to play back door politics in the national level. In 1996, when BJP and Congress failed to secure the required number of seats to form a government at the Centre, left parties played a key role in carving the third front with regional allies. But, veteran CPM leader Joythi Basu rejected the offer of allies to accept the post of PM. Then, left parties extended outside support to H. D. Devegowda, unknown to national politics as Prime Minister.

In 2004, Left supported the Congress led UPA in the post poll alliance and stayed out of the government.

Since all pre poll surveys are predicted hung parliament at the centre, it is certain that left and other regional parties will play pivotal role in forming the government again. But, this point of time it is difficult to predict that who will become the PM of India.

There are many horses and dark horses are in the race. It is sure that more than ability and charisma many more calculations and formulas will be applied for making of the Prime Minister of India.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Slave Cricketers..!

By Siddu Kaloji
Cricketers always make news whether they win or loose the match. But, cricketers on and off ground conduct is closely monitored by their fans.

Recently, Indian National Cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his team mate Harbhajan Singh are on the headlines of newspapers and TV channels for skipping the Padma Award ceremony. It has been reported that both cricketers were busy with commercial shoot during the award presentation day.

After the universal criticism by former sportspersons and sports enthusiast, the Ministry of Sports has issued guidelines for receiving the nations prestigious Padma Awards. Today, cricket is no more a game played for national pride and entertainment. After the evolution of T20 game format, cricket has become a business like other trades.

If we see the King Khan, Preithy, Shipla, Malya and Ambani’s interest in the game, semi nude Cheer leaders dancing on the ground in the IPL tourney, no one can say that cricket is gentlemen game. It is more like a Bollywood movie with all kind of Masaala including item Song.
The auction of players, fight for telecast rights and sponsorships gives an insight about how much business is involved in this game.

The sold cricketers for actor turned businessmen, women and Industrialists have no freedom at all. They are puppets in the hands of their owners and advertising houses. The pressure on these sold cricketers is enormous. If these poor (rich) cricketers failed to live up to the expectations of their owners, they loose money and contract too.

Respecting the public outrage for skipping the Padma award presentation ceremony by Dhoni and Bhajji, the sports ministry has formulated some strict guidelines to uphold the dignity of the country’s highest civilian award. If the awardee is not turned up to receive the honour without genuine reason and prior intimation, the government can strip off the award. This should be implemented immediately to convey strong message for those sportspersons who are running behind the money and think that they are bigger than the country.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rich Neta Poor Janata..!

By Siddu Kaloji
As many as 47 millionaires are contesting in the 15th Loksabha elections in the state. The assets declared while filing the nominations to contest the parliamentary elections reveals the richness of our netas.

These politicians sharp enough to hide their source of income. The value of the assets declared by these millionaire politicians were not based on the market value too. If you convert the declared assets to current market value it will be doubled almost.

Since, The Election Commission of India has not made declaring the source of income of a candidate’s family is mandatory, the real purpose of the law is not serving. It is become symbolic gesture for politicians to declare the details of their assets to clear the hurdle to contest the elections.

The voter has every right to know the full details of their neta whom they going to send for the parliament to represent them. Why sleuths of Income Tax department sitting blind eye is the most shocking news for the public. Why can’t IT department initiate sue motto enquiry against millionaire politicians to find out the exact source of income and undisclosed assets.

The assets declared by H D Kumarswamy, former chief minister of Karnataka reveals that his school drop out son Nikhil owns assets of 2.68 crore. How the 22 year old Nikhil has earned this money? What business he is doing? What is the source of his income? People have every right to know all details. Other millionaire candidates also have shown assets on the name of their kids and kin’s. We too have several politicians who kept crores of rupees black money in Swiss banks.

After the six decades of Independence, still millions of people of this country struggling to get one time meal in a day. Whereas, our representatives becoming millionaire to trillionair.

Vote or No Vote..!

By Siddu Kaloji
It seems that worlds largest Democracy is on cross roads. Pre Independent India has seen as many as 14 general elections so far. But, no election has brought cheer on the life of downtrodden.

Still 39 per cent people of our total population are illiterate. 42 per cent people living below the poverty line. They are struggling to live the normal life. But, these people are the major chunk of voters. It is very sad to say that they don’t vote under full consciousness. One or other party will buy these people by distributing money and liquor to vote in favor of them. Whereas, educated don’t think voting is their right and they are part of this democracy. Most of the educated enjoy the holiday which government grants for the citizens of this country to make themselves available to cast their franchise. For the success of any democracy people active participation and literacy is very important. But, in India most of the educated people drop out of the voting process.

If we take into consideration of people participation in the all 14 parliamentary elections held so far average percentage of voting is 63. It means that still 37 per cent people among the total voters stay away from the democratic process. Another shocking revelation is most of the urban educates don’t caste their vote. In this kind of situation how we can expect the success of democracy?

If we don’t find the right candidate to vote, there is an option for rejecting candidates by casting the no vote. We can register our anger and lodge our protest by casting vote to nobody by filing the form 17(A). If the no vote percentage is higher than the total voting percentage, election commission has the option to hold re election for such a constituency. The EC can also ban those candidates from contesting again.

The voter should be trained in all these aspects. We should also have the option to change our leader, whom we elected for five years to represent us in the Assembly and Parliament, if he failed to fulfill the promises made during the elections. There should be some kind of accountability for these representatives towards the people. Otherwise, these politicians work for the welfare of themselves their family.

If, the GRAAM SWARAAJ, dream Mahatma Gandhi has to translate into reality, we the people of India should awake and caste our vote. We have the power to change our destiny by our own.