Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rich Neta Poor Janata..!

By Siddu Kaloji
As many as 47 millionaires are contesting in the 15th Loksabha elections in the state. The assets declared while filing the nominations to contest the parliamentary elections reveals the richness of our netas.

These politicians sharp enough to hide their source of income. The value of the assets declared by these millionaire politicians were not based on the market value too. If you convert the declared assets to current market value it will be doubled almost.

Since, The Election Commission of India has not made declaring the source of income of a candidate’s family is mandatory, the real purpose of the law is not serving. It is become symbolic gesture for politicians to declare the details of their assets to clear the hurdle to contest the elections.

The voter has every right to know the full details of their neta whom they going to send for the parliament to represent them. Why sleuths of Income Tax department sitting blind eye is the most shocking news for the public. Why can’t IT department initiate sue motto enquiry against millionaire politicians to find out the exact source of income and undisclosed assets.

The assets declared by H D Kumarswamy, former chief minister of Karnataka reveals that his school drop out son Nikhil owns assets of 2.68 crore. How the 22 year old Nikhil has earned this money? What business he is doing? What is the source of his income? People have every right to know all details. Other millionaire candidates also have shown assets on the name of their kids and kin’s. We too have several politicians who kept crores of rupees black money in Swiss banks.

After the six decades of Independence, still millions of people of this country struggling to get one time meal in a day. Whereas, our representatives becoming millionaire to trillionair.

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