Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friend in need is a friend indeed!!!

Siddu Kaloji
Senior BJP leader Ananth Kumar seems to be active again in the state politics. The Loksabha elections debacle and the recent dissident activities in the state BJP unit have made him active in the state party affairs.

Ananth Kumar and B S Yadurappa, two tall leaders of the party, fought with each other on several occasions for the supremacy when Ananth Kumar had strong interest in the state politics. But, after the intervention of BJP High command Ananth was restricted to only national politics.

He was almost side lined after BJP won the last year assembly elections under the leadership of Yadurappa. But, growing unrest within the party against the dictatorship of Chief Minister Yadurappa brought back Ananth Kumar to the state politics. He too doesn’t have much responsibility at Delhi after BJP’s lackluster performance under the leadership of his mentor L K Advani in the parliamentary elections.

When Yadurappa realized that growing anger against his leadership may deteriorate the situation further, he sought the help of his one time competitor Ananth Kumar to put a break to the dissident activities. Ananth Kumar acted as interlocutor and played a key role in organizing the meetings with rebels.

It seems that CM has escaped from the axe at least for time being after he had the meeting with Reddy brothers and K S Eshwarappa, who raised the voice of revolt against him on the side lines of Vikas Sanklpa Samavesha at Davanagere.

By seeking the intervention of Ananth Kumar, Yadurappa might have drubbed the dissidence in the party. But, one can’t rule out that re-entry of Ananth Kumar into the state politics may cause bigger problems for Yadurappa in future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Money.., money.., Paisa..!

Siddu Kaloji

Do you know why India failed miserably in the T20 world cup Cricket? Indian national cricket coach Garry Kirsten has rightly analyzed his team’s early exit from the tourney.

All 15 who had been selected for the T20 world Cup team were played in the IPL season -2. In which 37 days intense battle ate all the energy and spirit of players. They were physically and mentally tired to perform at the bigger stage of the game. Actually they deserved the long break. But who should understand this? Fans can understand, not cricketers and BCCI, who are running behind the money.

As usual for the dismal show of team India, cricket crazy fans burnt the effigy of men in blue and former cricketers criticized the Dhoni’s captaincy and strategy. Those who closely follow the game should understand that tired and un focused Indian team didn’t deserved a place in the Super-8 itself. It could not have qualified, if it was not featured in the weak group along with Bangladesh and minnows Ireland.

BCCI, should re think on IPL schedule and international commitments of the National team. BCCI can mint the money through IPL seasons but, Indian Cricket team will loose its pride in the international tournaments.

The next year schedule also looks un manageable. Third edition of the T20 world cup will be held in West Indies probably in the month of April and May 2010. Whereas, IPL season -3 could be held soon after India’s tour to South Africa in February 2010. It means, next year too Indian team won’t have many options. The players can’t rest their heels before moving to the Caribbean country.

Whatever the reason, BCCI and Dhoni should take the responsibility of the Indian team debacle in the T20 world cup. As a skipper Dhoni failed to lead the team and BCCI on its part failed to scientifically draw the fixture.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh God please help us..,

By Siddu Kaloji

Reddy brothers, the mining magnates, who played a key role in formation of the B. S. Yadurappa led BJP government in Karnataka last year, seems lost interest in the government and BJP.

State tourism minister Gali Janardhan Reddy, Revenue minister Karunakar Reddy and Health minister as well as close associate of Reddy brothers Sriramulu have hardly attended cabinet and department progress review meetings since last four months in a year old BJP government.

Annoyed by the CM Yadurappa’s negligence towards their demands and letter to then Central Science and Technology minister Kapil Sibal, requesting for the joint survey of the mining area adjourning to the Bellary and Andhra border, Reddy brothers keeping distance from the CM and the government.

Reddy brothers, who owns the mining business worth of thousand billion crore, have very less interest in serving as ministers. The total annual budget allocation for the portfolios they are looking even not 20 per cent of the mining business they are running in Bellary.

Somaheshkar Reddy, Bellary City MLA and younger brother of Janradhan Reddy, when he met CM Yadurappa in Bangalore recently, demanded the release of money for the development of Bellary city. His demand looks ridiculous, since Reddy brothers spent whooping 20 crore for the marriage Sriramulu’s MLA son Suresh Babu on 29th May 2009. Mere two weeks after they offered a diamond encrusted golden crown, estimated to be worth Rs. 45 crore to the famous Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirupati.

Reddy brothers might have sought the blessings of lord Timmappa for their illegal mining business and proposed steel plant in Andhra Pradesh by gifting the costliest crown. If they are really interested in the development of Bellary and people of Bellary, which is one of the most backward districts in the Karnataka, they could have spent this money into the overall development of the district. They are in the politics to safeguard and expand their illegal mining business not to serve the people.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

It is Hockey or Politics..?

By Siddu Kaloji
For the growth of any game Politics should be kept always away from the Sports. But, in India Sports and Politics are in separable. Our national game Hockey is the perfect example for how the politics in the game kills the sports.

Thanks to the politics in the game, Hockey which once made India proud in the Olympics now on the verge of vanishing. The politics in the game never allowed Hockey to back in to its golden era. Whenever the Hockey team tried to bounce back, politics in the game ended the dream prematurely.

A year ago after the Beijing Olympics debacle, Indian Olympic Association (IOA) intervened and sacked the president of Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) KPS Gill, who is the main culprit for the fate of hockey today in India and appointed ad hoc committee to look in to the game. Then all sports lovers took long breadth and dreamt of revival of the hockey. But, these dreams shattered within a year. This time, IOA the sports governing body in India itself has abolished the both Men and Women Hockey Federations and announced the new umbrella called HOCKEY INDIA (HI) without consulting the state Hockey federations.

The reason given for this sudden decision by IOA president Suresh Kamadi is ridiculous. It has been reported that if both men and women hockey federations could not have been merged, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) should have stripped off from rights of hosting the next year World cup Hockey. If this was the matter, what IOA was doing all these days is the big question. Why IOA has not consulted state federations before taking such a big decision, should be answered by Kalmadi.

Now it is certain that state units going to challenge the decision of IOA in the law of court. Ministry of Sports should immediately intervene to save the game of hockey. I think it is better for India to stay away from all the International tournaments at least for some years and rebuild the team to the level of International standards.

Same time new autonomous governing body, free from all kind of politics with former Indian Hockey team players as members, who represented the country at highest level and having good knowledge of the game should be formed for the revival of hockey. Otherwise, in the game of politics we will loose the beautiful game called Hockey.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BJP’s Secret of Success Open..!

By Siddu Kaloji

The rift between Chief Minister B S Yadurappa, and his colleague Power Minster K S Eshwarappa seems to be reaching the climax. The latest outburst against CM by Eshwarappa at Shimoga proves that all is not well in the BJP.

Eshwarappa had strongly opposed the candidature of B Y Raghavendra, son of CM Yadurappa from the Shimoga parliamentary constituency. Later, BJP central leaders M Venkayya Naidu and Aurn Jaitely intervened and shut the mouth of Eshwarappa. But, after Yadurappa realized that Ishwarappa may work against his son in the elections, he gave an open statement, virtually threatening Eshwarappa that he will make District In charge ministers responsible for the defeat of party candidates in the elections. He put the sword on the head of Eshwarappa to work for his son’s win.

CM rigorously campaigned in Shimoga parliamentary constituency and ensured his son’s win against the old horse S. Bangarappa. But, the margin of win had let down the Yadurappa. He stared blaming Eshwarappa openly for getting fewer votes in the Shimoga assembly constituency which Ishwrappa represents. This has provoked the Eshwarappa and he broke the pro longed silence by openly criticizing the functioning of Yadurappa. He has made serious allegations against CM Yadurappa for choosing wrong path to win the elections.

Eshwarappa has disclosed that by distributing liquor and money to woo the voters Yadurappa had proved that BJP is not different from other political parties. He also slams CM for bringing Dynasty culture in to the party.

These allegations caused great embarrassment for the CM and BJP. Infact Eshwarappa has given a strong weapon to the hands of sleeping opposition leaders to take the BJP left and right. It is open truth that the relationship between Yadurappa and Ishwarappa not cordial from the RSS days itself. Both Yadurappa and Eshwarappa represent prominent communities of the state Ligayat and Kuruba respectively. Since, they hail from the same district always fought each other for the supremacy. Now, by criticizing Yadurappa and his dictatorship openly, Ishwarappa poured fuel in to the unrest and in differences in the BJP.
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