Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Unique Verdict..!

By Siddu Kaloji

Unlike in the previous By-elections, voters have not favoured the candidates who often change their loyalty from one to another party in the recently concluded elections for the five assembly constituencies of Karnataka.

The People of Govindraj Nagar and Chennapattana sent a clear message by showing the doors to Minister V Somanna and C P Yogeshwar. Somanna who held the record of not loosing any elections has failed to impress the voters and conceded the defeat to new face Priya Krishna, Son of Layout Krishnappa. Somanna who fought the last assembly elections by the Congress ticket had joined the BJP three months ago.

Whoever held the Muzrai portfolio has never won the very next elections in recent times. In case of Somanna too history repeated. He failed to break the jinx. Now resigning from the ministry is the only option left for Somanna.

In the previous by election, all five defectors who joined the bjp and inducted into the cabinet had won the elections. This is the only instance where minister has been defeated.

People of Govindrajnagar and Chennapattana taught a never forgetting lesson for both Somanna and Yogeshwar. In Chennapattana, three times MLA Yogeshwar lost the election. He had been also defeated in the recently held parliamentary elections from Bangalore Rural. His reputation and track record as MLA proved costly for BJP.

JDS has bounced back again with this elections by retaining Ramanagar and gaining Chennapattana. It has also played a crucial role in defeating Somanna in Govindraj Nagar by supporting the Congress.

JDS has won both seats on the popularity of H D Kumarsway and extended party’s hold over Vokkaliga belt to Chennapattana also. Ramnagar was vacant after HDK had quit the seat and entered the parliament from Bangalore Rural.

Union Minister Mallikarjun Kharge's dreams shattered in the Chittapur Constituency from which his Son Priyank Kharge contested. Senior Kharge who never saw the face defeat in the elections has failed to clear the hurdles for junior Kharge to enter the state assembly. His reputation didn’t rescue the son Priyank.

Chittapur was vacant after Kharge moved to Loksabha from Gulburga. He resigned as MLA of Chittapur from which he had contested first time after he lost his home constituency Gurmitkal in the de limitation process.

The lotus blossomed first time in the Kollegal at the cost of Subhas Bharani, who recently quit the BJP and contested from the BSP ticket has grabbed significant 21, 143 votes, which proved dearly for Siddaramayya’s close aid and Congress candidate S. Jayanna. Kollegal was vacant after Dhravnarayan, another follower of Siddramayya elected for the Parliament from Chamrajnagar.

The principal opposition party Congress failed to live up to the expectations, conceding three seats to its rivals and retaining only one. Soon after May 2008 Assembly polls out of 14 constituencies for which by elections were held BJP has won 7, Jds 5 and Congress mere 2. (Bjp poached 6 Congress and 4 JDS MLA’s through Operation Lotus. Two congress and one JDS MLA were elected to Parliament and one JDS member died.)

If Congress really interested to put break for bjp’s success in the coming BBMP elections, it is high time to re think on its leadership and poll strategy. Meanwhile, bjp should also introspect on its Operation Lotus through which it has set a un democratic trend in the state politics. Can this results put an end to the Operation Lotus is the big question remained to be answered by the bjp leaders.

Jds, once again proved that it is very much alternative for BJP and Congress. If political parties anything has to be learned from this verdict are; Voters always give innumerous chances for Netas to perform. If they fail to meet their expectations and betray the faith then wise voter won’t hesitate to through them out..!
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Friday, August 7, 2009

‘Whereabouts’ What about?

By Siddu Kaloji
Doping is the biggest threat to the sporting world. International Olympic Committee (IOC) struggling to make sports world free from the drugs. Its new initiative to curtail the use of performance enhancive drugs in the sports has created huge fuss among the sporting arena.

The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), the only credible, independent and official anti-doping watchdog with the backing from IOC as well has formulated a new code.

Compliance with WADA norms will enhance games credibility and it is a mandatory requirement for all teams participating in global multi-sport competitions like the Asian Games and Olympics. ICC signed WADA in July 2006. But, now Indian cricketers refused to sign the WADA fearing that the code infringes on their privacy and personal space.

WADA new code mandates the establishment of an International Registered Testing Pool (IRTP) of players who are nominated for random testing based on their ICC rankings. Players from this pool have to inform the ICC at the beginning of every quarter of the year, a location and time that they will be available for an hour each day in that quarter for testing. If a player changes his/her schedule in between, then he/she needs to update the whereabouts information to the nodal officer either online or even through SMS. However, if the player is not in the location at the time specified, he/she will have a strike recorded against his name. Three such strikes and the player will have breached the code and can face up to a two-year suspension from the game.

Practically, it is difficult for any player to be available for an hour in a day continuously for three months that too when you are not playing. Instead WADA should allow the players to come under the purview of its anti doping code not more than fifteen days before the start of the every event. So that it didn’t need to go there in searching the whearabouts of the players for testing continuously for three months during off season.

There are 11 Indian players in the ICC's IRTP, namely Harbhajan Singh, Gautam Gambhir, Irfan Pathan, Zaheer Khan, MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Munaf Patel, Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Jhulan Goswami and Mithali Raj. Dhoni and Tendulkar are in the hit list of terrorists and they have received life Threats before, have raised questions about the confidentiality and security risks involved in Providing the whereabouts information in advance.

All Indian Cricketers in the IRTP have expressed their concerns and refused to sign the WADA. Whereas, Union Sports minister M S Gill has asked the cricketers to sign the WADA to make all sports free from the drugs. Even other sports persons also urged the cricketers to accept the WADA . But, cricketers and BCCI seems to be firm on their decisions. The ICC feels that most of the players Concerns are genuine and addressable. Now it has constituted a five member committee including former Indian test captain Anil Kumble to look into the concern of the Cricketers to take up with the WADA, when it meets this year end to review the law.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Homosexuality no more a crime..!

By Siddu Kaloji

"We declare section 377 of IPC in so far as it criminalizes consensual sexual acts of adults in private is violative of Articles 14, 21 and 15 of the Constitution," a Delhi High Court Bench comprising Chief Justice A P Shah and Justice S Murlidhar said in a revolutionary verdict legalizing homosexuality in India.

The Delhi Court has legalized the consensual sex only among consent adults. However, the penal provision will continue to govern non-consensual penile non-vaginal sex and penile non-vaginal sex involving minors.

Decriminalizing the homosexuality has raised the eye brows of conservatives. Both Hindu and Muslim religious leaders strongly disapproved the Delhi High Court verdict. Whereas, Gays community hailed the judgment as it lifts the legal hurdle.

Indian society will never accept the Homosexuality, which is against the order of nature, culture and values. We hardly find any examples of gay life, where homosexuals have enjoyed considerable freedom in the Indian history.

Focus of electronic and online media on the issue, made the cause of homosexuals stronger in recent years. Gays might have crossed the legal barrier, but, they have to go long way to achieve greater social acceptability.

Homosexuality is already legalized in some of the western countries. Now it is not a criminal offence in a country like India too, where inter caste and inter religion marriages are not accepted openly even after six decades of independence.

Still we are struggling to root out the child marriages and sati. In this kind of social order, it is unimaginable to accept the marriages among the same sex people. Even, we don’t have a single successful decent gay couple, who is leading a successful married life to quote.

Homosexuals consists negligible 5 per cent of the total population. To safeguard the interest of few it is not fair to sacrifice the emotions and values of hundred crore. Homosexuality is considered as another way of expressing human sexuality and it is within the purview of the fundamental rights of the constitution, but legalizing the homosexuality will adversely affect health of the society. Such practice will increase paedophilia and HIV/AIDS.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Friend in need is a friend indeed!!!

Siddu Kaloji
Senior BJP leader Ananth Kumar seems to be active again in the state politics. The Loksabha elections debacle and the recent dissident activities in the state BJP unit have made him active in the state party affairs.

Ananth Kumar and B S Yadurappa, two tall leaders of the party, fought with each other on several occasions for the supremacy when Ananth Kumar had strong interest in the state politics. But, after the intervention of BJP High command Ananth was restricted to only national politics.

He was almost side lined after BJP won the last year assembly elections under the leadership of Yadurappa. But, growing unrest within the party against the dictatorship of Chief Minister Yadurappa brought back Ananth Kumar to the state politics. He too doesn’t have much responsibility at Delhi after BJP’s lackluster performance under the leadership of his mentor L K Advani in the parliamentary elections.

When Yadurappa realized that growing anger against his leadership may deteriorate the situation further, he sought the help of his one time competitor Ananth Kumar to put a break to the dissident activities. Ananth Kumar acted as interlocutor and played a key role in organizing the meetings with rebels.

It seems that CM has escaped from the axe at least for time being after he had the meeting with Reddy brothers and K S Eshwarappa, who raised the voice of revolt against him on the side lines of Vikas Sanklpa Samavesha at Davanagere.

By seeking the intervention of Ananth Kumar, Yadurappa might have drubbed the dissidence in the party. But, one can’t rule out that re-entry of Ananth Kumar into the state politics may cause bigger problems for Yadurappa in future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Money.., money.., Paisa..!

Siddu Kaloji

Do you know why India failed miserably in the T20 world cup Cricket? Indian national cricket coach Garry Kirsten has rightly analyzed his team’s early exit from the tourney.

All 15 who had been selected for the T20 world Cup team were played in the IPL season -2. In which 37 days intense battle ate all the energy and spirit of players. They were physically and mentally tired to perform at the bigger stage of the game. Actually they deserved the long break. But who should understand this? Fans can understand, not cricketers and BCCI, who are running behind the money.

As usual for the dismal show of team India, cricket crazy fans burnt the effigy of men in blue and former cricketers criticized the Dhoni’s captaincy and strategy. Those who closely follow the game should understand that tired and un focused Indian team didn’t deserved a place in the Super-8 itself. It could not have qualified, if it was not featured in the weak group along with Bangladesh and minnows Ireland.

BCCI, should re think on IPL schedule and international commitments of the National team. BCCI can mint the money through IPL seasons but, Indian Cricket team will loose its pride in the international tournaments.

The next year schedule also looks un manageable. Third edition of the T20 world cup will be held in West Indies probably in the month of April and May 2010. Whereas, IPL season -3 could be held soon after India’s tour to South Africa in February 2010. It means, next year too Indian team won’t have many options. The players can’t rest their heels before moving to the Caribbean country.

Whatever the reason, BCCI and Dhoni should take the responsibility of the Indian team debacle in the T20 world cup. As a skipper Dhoni failed to lead the team and BCCI on its part failed to scientifically draw the fixture.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oh God please help us..,

By Siddu Kaloji

Reddy brothers, the mining magnates, who played a key role in formation of the B. S. Yadurappa led BJP government in Karnataka last year, seems lost interest in the government and BJP.

State tourism minister Gali Janardhan Reddy, Revenue minister Karunakar Reddy and Health minister as well as close associate of Reddy brothers Sriramulu have hardly attended cabinet and department progress review meetings since last four months in a year old BJP government.

Annoyed by the CM Yadurappa’s negligence towards their demands and letter to then Central Science and Technology minister Kapil Sibal, requesting for the joint survey of the mining area adjourning to the Bellary and Andhra border, Reddy brothers keeping distance from the CM and the government.

Reddy brothers, who owns the mining business worth of thousand billion crore, have very less interest in serving as ministers. The total annual budget allocation for the portfolios they are looking even not 20 per cent of the mining business they are running in Bellary.

Somaheshkar Reddy, Bellary City MLA and younger brother of Janradhan Reddy, when he met CM Yadurappa in Bangalore recently, demanded the release of money for the development of Bellary city. His demand looks ridiculous, since Reddy brothers spent whooping 20 crore for the marriage Sriramulu’s MLA son Suresh Babu on 29th May 2009. Mere two weeks after they offered a diamond encrusted golden crown, estimated to be worth Rs. 45 crore to the famous Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirupati.

Reddy brothers might have sought the blessings of lord Timmappa for their illegal mining business and proposed steel plant in Andhra Pradesh by gifting the costliest crown. If they are really interested in the development of Bellary and people of Bellary, which is one of the most backward districts in the Karnataka, they could have spent this money into the overall development of the district. They are in the politics to safeguard and expand their illegal mining business not to serve the people.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

It is Hockey or Politics..?

By Siddu Kaloji
For the growth of any game Politics should be kept always away from the Sports. But, in India Sports and Politics are in separable. Our national game Hockey is the perfect example for how the politics in the game kills the sports.

Thanks to the politics in the game, Hockey which once made India proud in the Olympics now on the verge of vanishing. The politics in the game never allowed Hockey to back in to its golden era. Whenever the Hockey team tried to bounce back, politics in the game ended the dream prematurely.

A year ago after the Beijing Olympics debacle, Indian Olympic Association (IOA) intervened and sacked the president of Indian Hockey Federation (IHF) KPS Gill, who is the main culprit for the fate of hockey today in India and appointed ad hoc committee to look in to the game. Then all sports lovers took long breadth and dreamt of revival of the hockey. But, these dreams shattered within a year. This time, IOA the sports governing body in India itself has abolished the both Men and Women Hockey Federations and announced the new umbrella called HOCKEY INDIA (HI) without consulting the state Hockey federations.

The reason given for this sudden decision by IOA president Suresh Kamadi is ridiculous. It has been reported that if both men and women hockey federations could not have been merged, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) should have stripped off from rights of hosting the next year World cup Hockey. If this was the matter, what IOA was doing all these days is the big question. Why IOA has not consulted state federations before taking such a big decision, should be answered by Kalmadi.

Now it is certain that state units going to challenge the decision of IOA in the law of court. Ministry of Sports should immediately intervene to save the game of hockey. I think it is better for India to stay away from all the International tournaments at least for some years and rebuild the team to the level of International standards.

Same time new autonomous governing body, free from all kind of politics with former Indian Hockey team players as members, who represented the country at highest level and having good knowledge of the game should be formed for the revival of hockey. Otherwise, in the game of politics we will loose the beautiful game called Hockey.
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BJP’s Secret of Success Open..!

By Siddu Kaloji

The rift between Chief Minister B S Yadurappa, and his colleague Power Minster K S Eshwarappa seems to be reaching the climax. The latest outburst against CM by Eshwarappa at Shimoga proves that all is not well in the BJP.

Eshwarappa had strongly opposed the candidature of B Y Raghavendra, son of CM Yadurappa from the Shimoga parliamentary constituency. Later, BJP central leaders M Venkayya Naidu and Aurn Jaitely intervened and shut the mouth of Eshwarappa. But, after Yadurappa realized that Ishwarappa may work against his son in the elections, he gave an open statement, virtually threatening Eshwarappa that he will make District In charge ministers responsible for the defeat of party candidates in the elections. He put the sword on the head of Eshwarappa to work for his son’s win.

CM rigorously campaigned in Shimoga parliamentary constituency and ensured his son’s win against the old horse S. Bangarappa. But, the margin of win had let down the Yadurappa. He stared blaming Eshwarappa openly for getting fewer votes in the Shimoga assembly constituency which Ishwrappa represents. This has provoked the Eshwarappa and he broke the pro longed silence by openly criticizing the functioning of Yadurappa. He has made serious allegations against CM Yadurappa for choosing wrong path to win the elections.

Eshwarappa has disclosed that by distributing liquor and money to woo the voters Yadurappa had proved that BJP is not different from other political parties. He also slams CM for bringing Dynasty culture in to the party.

These allegations caused great embarrassment for the CM and BJP. Infact Eshwarappa has given a strong weapon to the hands of sleeping opposition leaders to take the BJP left and right. It is open truth that the relationship between Yadurappa and Ishwarappa not cordial from the RSS days itself. Both Yadurappa and Eshwarappa represent prominent communities of the state Ligayat and Kuruba respectively. Since, they hail from the same district always fought each other for the supremacy. Now, by criticizing Yadurappa and his dictatorship openly, Ishwarappa poured fuel in to the unrest and in differences in the BJP.
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Shocking News..!

Train is the still most preferred mode to travel in India for millions. It is common scene in some parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar that train commuters used to travel sitting on the roof of the railway coaches regularly. Unfortunately, it is not safe journey always.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Save Trees, Save Bangaluru..,

By Siddu Kaloji
The hue and cry raised by handful residents and environment activists surrounding Lalbagh garden and Nanda Talkies road, Jayanagar 4th block, Bangaluru against the felling of trees to make way for the metro rail have failed to impress the government.

Government decision to go ahead with the project has further intensified the save environment campaign. Bangalore metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) officials have shown their inability to shift the stations to other place and re alignment.

It is very pain full to see decade old trees are being axed for metro rail project on Nanda Talkies road which is known for big trees and rose gardens both sides of the road. If these trees are cut, the beauty and canopy of this place could be vanished.

Residents surrounding Nanda road and environment lovers not against the project, they are against the tree felling. Government should respect the sentiments of the people. Already, thousands of trees felled all over the city on the name of road widening and development. Bangaluru, once known for clam and cool weather is on the verge of loosing its tag as Gardens City of India.

BMRCL officials feel that even a minor change in the plan in this juncture would cause many complications and further delay in implementation of the project. Already this Namma Metro project has been delayed for many reasons and cost of the project is also increased significantly.

It is the responsibility of the government to protect and enrich greenery of the Bangaluru. Otherwise, Bangaluru will become Singapore. But, we will loose Bangaluru.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Hope..!

By Siddu Kaloji
Powered by the fine mix of youth and experience Congress has won battle for the 15th parliamentary elections. The People of India shown strong faith in the Congress led UPA and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

This verdict is the big lesson for communal BJP, anti development left and opportunistic parties. The hate campaign adopted by the bjp to attack the opposition and projecting Narendra Modi as prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 general elections and rift among the second rung of leaders caused dearly for saffron party in this election. It is poorest performance for BJP since 1991. L K Advani dream to become PM remains as dream.

The Nuke deal Blunder sinks leftists in West Bengal and Kerala. First time in last two decades left did very badly and have been reduced to half of the strength what they had in the 14th Loksabha. They have greater challenge ahead in the 2011 assembly elections.

Lalu and Ram Vilas Paswan, who betrayed the congress after enjoying all powers in the coalition government, washed out in Bihar and remain voiceless in the national politics. Prime ministerial aspirant and over ambitious Maya and Jaya also failed to impress with their performance.

The future Prime Minister of India Rahul Gandhi’s factor worked out infavour of Congress in this election. The young Gandhi not only motivated congress workers to strengthen the party at grass root level, he also inspired youth to join politics prior to the elections.

Congress party has emerged as clear winner in this election by securing more than 200 seats alone. Congress makes most of it from the losses of third and fourth fronts in many states, particularly UP, where it has improved its tally drastically. After this electoral success Rahul Gandhi became new sensation in the Congress party and he can become the leader of difference for India too!

The re jubilant Congress has the combination of both youth and experience and numbers as well to form and run the government smoothly without any pressures for next five years. Now people expect from this government development, development only development..!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Worst of Bangaluru..!

By Siddu Kaloji
Bangaluru is known for Information Technology, Pubs, Live bands and Cool Weather; all for positive faces of the City for outsiders. Recently, this garden City of India is making news for all negative reasons.

It is not good for any growing city, particularly Bangaluru which is having high potential of getting a place among elite cities of the world.

Today if you ask anyone to point out which are the two biggest menaces in the Bangalooru City? They can easily show finger towards road Traffic and vehicle parking system. Unfortunately, both problems are became part and parcel of Bangalureans life. But, one more serious problem has been added to the woes of Bangaluru, which can tarnish image of the city further is lost of faith and interest among the residents of Bangaluru in the democratic process.

Mere 46 per cent Bangaluru voters had turned up to cast their franchise in the recently concluded elections for the Parliament. More than 50 per cent eligible voters didn’t bother to use their constituentional right.

All efforts are gone in vain to motivate educated people of the City to cast their vote. Needless to say that, by skipping the voting, Bangalureans have missed an opportunity to elect the best among the worst to hope for better Society.

Now they have no choice to live up with the same old irritations, probably few more could be added in the next five years. Even they lost morale right to raise their voice and complain against any problems by wasting their invaluable vote.
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

PM by Chance..!

By Siddu Kaloji
Being failed to build an alternative front to UPA and NDA, left parties seems to be started to play a new game of politics.

By floating the name of Prakash Karat and Sitaram Yechury for the post of Prime Minister, CPM trying to seek reactions of other regional parties, which are not part of any fronts so far. The role of left and their friend’s is very crucial in case of both Congress led UPA and BJP led NDA fall short of the majority.

History tells us that left always preferred to play back door politics in the national level. In 1996, when BJP and Congress failed to secure the required number of seats to form a government at the Centre, left parties played a key role in carving the third front with regional allies. But, veteran CPM leader Joythi Basu rejected the offer of allies to accept the post of PM. Then, left parties extended outside support to H. D. Devegowda, unknown to national politics as Prime Minister.

In 2004, Left supported the Congress led UPA in the post poll alliance and stayed out of the government.

Since all pre poll surveys are predicted hung parliament at the centre, it is certain that left and other regional parties will play pivotal role in forming the government again. But, this point of time it is difficult to predict that who will become the PM of India.

There are many horses and dark horses are in the race. It is sure that more than ability and charisma many more calculations and formulas will be applied for making of the Prime Minister of India.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Slave Cricketers..!

By Siddu Kaloji
Cricketers always make news whether they win or loose the match. But, cricketers on and off ground conduct is closely monitored by their fans.

Recently, Indian National Cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his team mate Harbhajan Singh are on the headlines of newspapers and TV channels for skipping the Padma Award ceremony. It has been reported that both cricketers were busy with commercial shoot during the award presentation day.

After the universal criticism by former sportspersons and sports enthusiast, the Ministry of Sports has issued guidelines for receiving the nations prestigious Padma Awards. Today, cricket is no more a game played for national pride and entertainment. After the evolution of T20 game format, cricket has become a business like other trades.

If we see the King Khan, Preithy, Shipla, Malya and Ambani’s interest in the game, semi nude Cheer leaders dancing on the ground in the IPL tourney, no one can say that cricket is gentlemen game. It is more like a Bollywood movie with all kind of Masaala including item Song.
The auction of players, fight for telecast rights and sponsorships gives an insight about how much business is involved in this game.

The sold cricketers for actor turned businessmen, women and Industrialists have no freedom at all. They are puppets in the hands of their owners and advertising houses. The pressure on these sold cricketers is enormous. If these poor (rich) cricketers failed to live up to the expectations of their owners, they loose money and contract too.

Respecting the public outrage for skipping the Padma award presentation ceremony by Dhoni and Bhajji, the sports ministry has formulated some strict guidelines to uphold the dignity of the country’s highest civilian award. If the awardee is not turned up to receive the honour without genuine reason and prior intimation, the government can strip off the award. This should be implemented immediately to convey strong message for those sportspersons who are running behind the money and think that they are bigger than the country.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rich Neta Poor Janata..!

By Siddu Kaloji
As many as 47 millionaires are contesting in the 15th Loksabha elections in the state. The assets declared while filing the nominations to contest the parliamentary elections reveals the richness of our netas.

These politicians sharp enough to hide their source of income. The value of the assets declared by these millionaire politicians were not based on the market value too. If you convert the declared assets to current market value it will be doubled almost.

Since, The Election Commission of India has not made declaring the source of income of a candidate’s family is mandatory, the real purpose of the law is not serving. It is become symbolic gesture for politicians to declare the details of their assets to clear the hurdle to contest the elections.

The voter has every right to know the full details of their neta whom they going to send for the parliament to represent them. Why sleuths of Income Tax department sitting blind eye is the most shocking news for the public. Why can’t IT department initiate sue motto enquiry against millionaire politicians to find out the exact source of income and undisclosed assets.

The assets declared by H D Kumarswamy, former chief minister of Karnataka reveals that his school drop out son Nikhil owns assets of 2.68 crore. How the 22 year old Nikhil has earned this money? What business he is doing? What is the source of his income? People have every right to know all details. Other millionaire candidates also have shown assets on the name of their kids and kin’s. We too have several politicians who kept crores of rupees black money in Swiss banks.

After the six decades of Independence, still millions of people of this country struggling to get one time meal in a day. Whereas, our representatives becoming millionaire to trillionair.

Vote or No Vote..!

By Siddu Kaloji
It seems that worlds largest Democracy is on cross roads. Pre Independent India has seen as many as 14 general elections so far. But, no election has brought cheer on the life of downtrodden.

Still 39 per cent people of our total population are illiterate. 42 per cent people living below the poverty line. They are struggling to live the normal life. But, these people are the major chunk of voters. It is very sad to say that they don’t vote under full consciousness. One or other party will buy these people by distributing money and liquor to vote in favor of them. Whereas, educated don’t think voting is their right and they are part of this democracy. Most of the educated enjoy the holiday which government grants for the citizens of this country to make themselves available to cast their franchise. For the success of any democracy people active participation and literacy is very important. But, in India most of the educated people drop out of the voting process.

If we take into consideration of people participation in the all 14 parliamentary elections held so far average percentage of voting is 63. It means that still 37 per cent people among the total voters stay away from the democratic process. Another shocking revelation is most of the urban educates don’t caste their vote. In this kind of situation how we can expect the success of democracy?

If we don’t find the right candidate to vote, there is an option for rejecting candidates by casting the no vote. We can register our anger and lodge our protest by casting vote to nobody by filing the form 17(A). If the no vote percentage is higher than the total voting percentage, election commission has the option to hold re election for such a constituency. The EC can also ban those candidates from contesting again.

The voter should be trained in all these aspects. We should also have the option to change our leader, whom we elected for five years to represent us in the Assembly and Parliament, if he failed to fulfill the promises made during the elections. There should be some kind of accountability for these representatives towards the people. Otherwise, these politicians work for the welfare of themselves their family.

If, the GRAAM SWARAAJ, dream Mahatma Gandhi has to translate into reality, we the people of India should awake and caste our vote. We have the power to change our destiny by our own.