Sunday, May 3, 2009

Worst of Bangaluru..!

By Siddu Kaloji
Bangaluru is known for Information Technology, Pubs, Live bands and Cool Weather; all for positive faces of the City for outsiders. Recently, this garden City of India is making news for all negative reasons.

It is not good for any growing city, particularly Bangaluru which is having high potential of getting a place among elite cities of the world.

Today if you ask anyone to point out which are the two biggest menaces in the Bangalooru City? They can easily show finger towards road Traffic and vehicle parking system. Unfortunately, both problems are became part and parcel of Bangalureans life. But, one more serious problem has been added to the woes of Bangaluru, which can tarnish image of the city further is lost of faith and interest among the residents of Bangaluru in the democratic process.

Mere 46 per cent Bangaluru voters had turned up to cast their franchise in the recently concluded elections for the Parliament. More than 50 per cent eligible voters didn’t bother to use their constituentional right.

All efforts are gone in vain to motivate educated people of the City to cast their vote. Needless to say that, by skipping the voting, Bangalureans have missed an opportunity to elect the best among the worst to hope for better Society.

Now they have no choice to live up with the same old irritations, probably few more could be added in the next five years. Even they lost morale right to raise their voice and complain against any problems by wasting their invaluable vote.
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  1. Its really very hot write pu.
    Keep it up!!!


  2. Rightly said..High time everyone realises it!

    Pramod B.Prakash