Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BJP’s Secret of Success Open..!

By Siddu Kaloji

The rift between Chief Minister B S Yadurappa, and his colleague Power Minster K S Eshwarappa seems to be reaching the climax. The latest outburst against CM by Eshwarappa at Shimoga proves that all is not well in the BJP.

Eshwarappa had strongly opposed the candidature of B Y Raghavendra, son of CM Yadurappa from the Shimoga parliamentary constituency. Later, BJP central leaders M Venkayya Naidu and Aurn Jaitely intervened and shut the mouth of Eshwarappa. But, after Yadurappa realized that Ishwarappa may work against his son in the elections, he gave an open statement, virtually threatening Eshwarappa that he will make District In charge ministers responsible for the defeat of party candidates in the elections. He put the sword on the head of Eshwarappa to work for his son’s win.

CM rigorously campaigned in Shimoga parliamentary constituency and ensured his son’s win against the old horse S. Bangarappa. But, the margin of win had let down the Yadurappa. He stared blaming Eshwarappa openly for getting fewer votes in the Shimoga assembly constituency which Ishwrappa represents. This has provoked the Eshwarappa and he broke the pro longed silence by openly criticizing the functioning of Yadurappa. He has made serious allegations against CM Yadurappa for choosing wrong path to win the elections.

Eshwarappa has disclosed that by distributing liquor and money to woo the voters Yadurappa had proved that BJP is not different from other political parties. He also slams CM for bringing Dynasty culture in to the party.

These allegations caused great embarrassment for the CM and BJP. Infact Eshwarappa has given a strong weapon to the hands of sleeping opposition leaders to take the BJP left and right. It is open truth that the relationship between Yadurappa and Ishwarappa not cordial from the RSS days itself. Both Yadurappa and Eshwarappa represent prominent communities of the state Ligayat and Kuruba respectively. Since, they hail from the same district always fought each other for the supremacy. Now, by criticizing Yadurappa and his dictatorship openly, Ishwarappa poured fuel in to the unrest and in differences in the BJP.
Pic. Sourced from: http://www.hindu.com

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