Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Unique Verdict..!

By Siddu Kaloji

Unlike in the previous By-elections, voters have not favoured the candidates who often change their loyalty from one to another party in the recently concluded elections for the five assembly constituencies of Karnataka.

The People of Govindraj Nagar and Chennapattana sent a clear message by showing the doors to Minister V Somanna and C P Yogeshwar. Somanna who held the record of not loosing any elections has failed to impress the voters and conceded the defeat to new face Priya Krishna, Son of Layout Krishnappa. Somanna who fought the last assembly elections by the Congress ticket had joined the BJP three months ago.

Whoever held the Muzrai portfolio has never won the very next elections in recent times. In case of Somanna too history repeated. He failed to break the jinx. Now resigning from the ministry is the only option left for Somanna.

In the previous by election, all five defectors who joined the bjp and inducted into the cabinet had won the elections. This is the only instance where minister has been defeated.

People of Govindrajnagar and Chennapattana taught a never forgetting lesson for both Somanna and Yogeshwar. In Chennapattana, three times MLA Yogeshwar lost the election. He had been also defeated in the recently held parliamentary elections from Bangalore Rural. His reputation and track record as MLA proved costly for BJP.

JDS has bounced back again with this elections by retaining Ramanagar and gaining Chennapattana. It has also played a crucial role in defeating Somanna in Govindraj Nagar by supporting the Congress.

JDS has won both seats on the popularity of H D Kumarsway and extended party’s hold over Vokkaliga belt to Chennapattana also. Ramnagar was vacant after HDK had quit the seat and entered the parliament from Bangalore Rural.

Union Minister Mallikarjun Kharge's dreams shattered in the Chittapur Constituency from which his Son Priyank Kharge contested. Senior Kharge who never saw the face defeat in the elections has failed to clear the hurdles for junior Kharge to enter the state assembly. His reputation didn’t rescue the son Priyank.

Chittapur was vacant after Kharge moved to Loksabha from Gulburga. He resigned as MLA of Chittapur from which he had contested first time after he lost his home constituency Gurmitkal in the de limitation process.

The lotus blossomed first time in the Kollegal at the cost of Subhas Bharani, who recently quit the BJP and contested from the BSP ticket has grabbed significant 21, 143 votes, which proved dearly for Siddaramayya’s close aid and Congress candidate S. Jayanna. Kollegal was vacant after Dhravnarayan, another follower of Siddramayya elected for the Parliament from Chamrajnagar.

The principal opposition party Congress failed to live up to the expectations, conceding three seats to its rivals and retaining only one. Soon after May 2008 Assembly polls out of 14 constituencies for which by elections were held BJP has won 7, Jds 5 and Congress mere 2. (Bjp poached 6 Congress and 4 JDS MLA’s through Operation Lotus. Two congress and one JDS MLA were elected to Parliament and one JDS member died.)

If Congress really interested to put break for bjp’s success in the coming BBMP elections, it is high time to re think on its leadership and poll strategy. Meanwhile, bjp should also introspect on its Operation Lotus through which it has set a un democratic trend in the state politics. Can this results put an end to the Operation Lotus is the big question remained to be answered by the bjp leaders.

Jds, once again proved that it is very much alternative for BJP and Congress. If political parties anything has to be learned from this verdict are; Voters always give innumerous chances for Netas to perform. If they fail to meet their expectations and betray the faith then wise voter won’t hesitate to through them out..!
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